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Hacking Heist 2.0 is a 36 hour hackathon brought to you by INAXIA where students have the opportunity to innovate new ideas, discover different paths, and push the boundaries of technology. With World's best mentors and 1600+ fellow hackers, you're in for some awesome hacking experience!

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After the pandemic hit the world, people from all across the globe started participating in online Hackathons and events and made some awesome projects. This resulted in the internet overflowing with projects. A governing organization was formed to keep all the best projects in the world in one place. That place is known as the World Bank of Projects (A place where all the best projects are kept safe along with their code). Not long after the Bank was formed, it faced a Heist where the Heist Team, took control over the World Bank of Projects and its staff as hostages. After a long negotiation with the Heist Team, it was decided that if we, the government, provide them with new best projects before the deadline, the hostages will be released safely and they will leave the World Bank of Projects. The projects will be judged by the hostages as their safety depends on the Projects. Only the Best projects will be accepted as it is a matter of the lives of the hostages. The team/person who makes the best project will be awarded as they will save the World Bank of Projects and their projects will be showcased among the World Top Projects. So get your gears up and get ready to make awesome projects to save the Hostages and get the World Bank of Projects back.


Web 3.0

Web 2.0/ Open Innovation (Advanced)

Web 2.0/ Open Innovation (Begginer)


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Praveen Kumar

Aditya Thakur

Urvi Goel

Vaishnavi Dwivedi

Shrankhla Srivastava

Unnati chhabra

Kartikey Rawat

Pratim Bhosle

Himanshu Sharma

Anna Godfrey

Sashrika Kaur


Divyansh Chaurasia

Mayank Sonkar


Nishant Mishra

Hardik Kumar

Ankit Kumar

Joshith Gopidi


Dhruv Mehta